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AirLine Cycles is the classic small town America bike shop, where cutting edge technology meets old school community. Whether you are looking for the latest in Di2 electronic shifting or clutch derailleurs for better chain retention, or searching high and low for a retro shifter to complete your vintage mountain bike restoration, AirLine Cycles has the expertise you are looking for!

We’re a friendly local shop with zero attitude…

Do you still riding that old steel mountain bike from the 80’s? Awesome, bring it by, I want to see it! You ride in cargo shorts and hiking boots instead of full body spandex? No problem, we do too sometimes. Don’t know a derailleur from a cassette? We’ll educate you on the basics and help you make informed decisions. Chances are we don’t know much about your line of work, so don’t feel out of place.

…but zero attitude doesn’t mean we don’t understand racing and elite athletes.

The owner has been part of the Stage 1 Cycling Club for over 25 years, and now sponsors the Stage 1/AirLine Cycles/Fat Orange Cat racing team. Furthermore, the AirLine Cycles family includes cyclocross racers competing at the national level, an ultramarathon runner, and an XTerra Off-Road Triathlon World Champion.

Our East Hampton location is conveniently located in downtown East Hampton CT near the head of Connecticut’s famous Airline Trail. We pride ourselves in our customer service and local riders know us as the go-to local bike shop in the local areas of East Hampton, Marlborough, Hebron, Colchester, Portland, Middletown, Glastonbury, East Haddam, Moodus, and Salem Connecticut.

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