Belltown Throwdown

Date TBD

YMCA Camp Ingersoll
94 Camp Ingersol Rd, Portland, CT 06480



2022 race details:


STAGE 1 Cycling Club and AirLine Cycles are bringing mountain bike racing to East Hampton (or Portland as the case may be). The Belltown Throwdown is back! 

The Men’s and Women’s Pro/CAT 1 and Single Speed Open events include cash prizes ($300 to 3 places: $150/$100/$50).  STAGE 1 offers pay & prize equity between all men’s and women’s events. Single Speeders are getting the same money and are expected to do that extra lap to earn those bucks!

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The great folks at YMCA Camp Ingersoll are providing this venue and it’s a great one! Some of you may remember the venue from our CX race last fall. Because the course is sited on private land, and is used for camp activities, it IS NOT open for pre-riding before race day. Please respect the YMCA and do not poach the area beforehand.  We do not want to lose the venue! We will work to set up scheduled previews times in advance of the race, and, on the day of the event, we have built-in time before every race to allow warm-up, pre-riding, and course preview. You will have the chance to see the route before hand. 


The Belltown Original 

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