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Bicycle Repair in East Hampton and Middlesex County

Looking for bicycle repair in the East Hampton area? All parts, equipment & gear we stock are products we use in our daily active lives. AirLine Cycles maintains bicycles with excellent mechanical service. We provide tune-ups, repairs, upgrades and complete custom builds.

Same Day Service

If you require your bike to be serviced the same day, give us a call at 860-365-5496. You can then drop it off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. Bike repairs on off hours are available upon request.

Emergency Bicycle Repair

Emergency service is available for everyone! Commuters, racers, BMXers, skateboarders, and even strollers. If you’re in the East Hampton, Marlborough, Colchester or surrounding areas just give us a call or drop in for a rush job repair. We’ll do our best to get your quick repair done while you wait to get you back out there enjoying your ride!

Bicycle Repair Packages

Why the significant discount on a full tune-up?

The bike is a system, with many interconnected parts, and fixing individual parts may not be effective. A grimy, gritty drivetrain will never shift properly; wobbly wheels prevent effective brake adjustments; a loose bottom bracket will cause shifting problems.

Free Inspections & Safety Checks

We also offer free inspections, safety checks, and recommendations for your bike, whether it be a mountain bike, fat tire, cyclocross, road bike or hybrid. Our mechanics can give suggestions on all safety equipment, suspension products, disk brakes, tubeless/standard tires, wheels, and bearing needs.

Bicycle Repair for Any Type or Brand

We can fix any problem you have, or suggest replacement options for any parts that are worn out beyond repair. We are pros at bleeding brake lines, replacing pads, and setting up tubeless tire systems. We also excel at downhill and freeride rebuilds and overhauls for suspension and wheels. Headsets, hubs, brakes, and gears always need adjustments, and we’re happy to service any make and model you have, regardless of where you bought it or how old it is. When it’s time for a replacement or upgrade for any of your components, you need to swap frames, or if you have an unfortunate crash, we’ll set you up with a loaner until you ride is fixed.

Bicycle Assembly

We are happy to offer professional assembly of a boxed bike that you bought online or at a big box store. Much as the online stores try to assure buyers that “easy assembly instructions are included”, these bikes typically require far more complicated tuning than they suggest, and specialized tools are often needed beyond the simple screwdriver and hex keys they provide. (Ever notice how their assembly instructions don’t include the word “grease” at all? Yikes!) Assemble at home is fine for some items…but then again, you don’t ride your IKEA dresser down a steep rocky hill at 30 miles per hour!

Assembly of boxed bikes starts at $50 for single speed and $75 for geared bikes. We are also happy to do free safety inspections of bikes bought at big-box retailers. The assemblers at many such retailers are expected to assemble a bike in 10 minutes, and as such, the parts may be in the right place, but there was little tuning, no test ride, and not a torque wrench to be found. Bike shops typically take an hour or more per bike assembly.

Our East Hampton location is conveniently located in downtown East Hampton CT near the head of Connecticut’s famous Airline Trail. We pride ourselves in our customer service and local riders know us as the go-to local bike shop in the local areas of East Hampton, Marlborough, Hebron, Colchester, Portland, Middletown, Glastonbury, East Haddam, Moodus, and Salem Connecticut.

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