Super Happy Fun Ride (SHFR)

A Brutal Road Challenge

East Hampton, CT


The Super Happy Fun Ride (SHFR): STAGE 1 goes road! Yes, the ironically named, the Super Happy Fun Ride is a brutal road challenge. How’d we come up with it? Essentially, course Meister Jake Kravitz was asked, “what’s the most brutal road ride you can develop around East Hampton in 80 miles or less?” The SHFR is the answer to that question. At 80 miles and 8000’ the SHFR is painful, agonizing, relentless, and has broken some very solid riders. We will provide riders with route sheets, a GPS route file, and a few designated Strava segments to keep it interesting. Be ready for a long day! The SHFR finishes back at AirLine Cycles, where high quality food and beverages await. See